Our story so far.


The Brand

Our story so far, Nic & Mel was founded in 2010. The initial ambition and conviction has always been the same: To create timeless and individual accessories for men who values feeling and function just as much as a stylish look.

Inspired of classic design and with a strong sense for materials, we have created and developed a continually living, unique and unbound collection through the years. The well balanced combination of stripped masculine elegance, together with an understanding for contemporary details or specific technological needs, has been defining our products and our brand since the start. Simplicity have been primary to our shapes and design. Quality have dictated our choice of material. The uncomplicated use have in turn been decisive in terms of function.

We are convinced, that it is through the everyday use of our products, that they in turn get their real value. Through which they win their appreciation, earn their well deserved patina and from where they derive their soul. We strive to give our products these qualifications, but only those who use our products are able to realise this ambition. They are the only ones who can succeed, in truth, in making them timeless.

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